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Accelerated Learning

‘Accelerated learning’, a term authored in the US during the 1970s, is an amazingly appealing selling point for instructional classes today. Everyone realizes that time is cash, so the quicker staff can learn, the better it is.
Not every person learns a similar way, which is one explanation that numerous students fall behind others in customary class room settings. Luckily Nordic can e...Read More

Why It’s Vital To Live Out Of Comfort Zone For Software Industry Professionals

When you take responsibility for your life, fortunate situations develop and lead you to stir your innate intelligence. At this level you should be happy to step out of your comfort zone and meet existence with enthusiasm and intensity.
Life hurls you lemons — well at any rate that is the thing that you think from where you stand. You might be weary of being in trench. Feeling deadened -...Read More

Why Less Than 10% Of The Engineering Graduates In India Are Employable In The IT Industry

India has a great past as far as Higher Education System, and gave world well known colleges like Nalanda University and Takshshila University. According to the ongoing measurements (2014-15) of Ministry of Human Re­source Development, Government of India, the nation has 760 colleges including Central Universities, State Public University and Deemed University. There are 38498 col­leges, and ...Read More