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Program curriculum

Cloud Primer (Preparatory Work Course)

Basic python for cloud

Basic Linux

Cloud Foundations

Introduction to Virtualization (VM’s and Containers)

Service Delivery and Deployment Models

Cloud Attributes and Services Taxonomy

Introduction to Infrastructure Automation

Key Aspects of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS



Elastic Container Service (ECS)


Expectations and Characteristics

Failures, Modelling challenges, Load balancing

The 12-factor app

Architecture and Design Patterns

Anti Patterns

Event Driven Architecture

Security Enforcement

Migrating a Monolith

Big Data Management and Analytics

Concepts of NoSQL

NoSQL Databases (Cassandra and DynamoDB)

Partitioner, Replication, Snitch

Query Driven Design and Distributed Development

Amazon EMR, Hadoop and Hive

Cloud Security and Migration

AWS Organizations

Security services (Trusted Advisor, Data encryption, Amazon Inspector, AWS Config, Guard Duty and Macie)

Identity and Access Control

Application user management (AWS Cognito)

Cost Explore

Cloud Migration Strategie

Migration Maturity Index

API based integration

Workload Analysis

Private Cloud (Self-Paced Course)

OpenStack Essentials

Capstone Project

A group project that allows you to apply your learning to real industry use cases and add it to your portfolio for potential employers to see as a tangible body of work.

AWS Specialization

Cloud Computing on AWS

Azure Essentials

Cloud Computing on Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

Best in Class Mentors

Jeeva Chelladhurai

Mentor, Instructor

Acclaimed technical author, speaker, innovator, CEO of Comorin Consulting Services, Ex Technical Manager at IBM & Senior Consultant at Nokia with over 22 years of industry experience

Henrik Melchander

Mentor, Instructor

Senior system developer, company CTO by designation. Over 15 years of industry experience

Tom Bergström

Mentor, Instructor

Leader, innovator, COO by designation. Over 15 years of industry experience

Gnanavel Mutharasu

Mentor, Instructor

Phd in Computational Biology with Artificial Intelligence applications. 10+ years of experience in Data Science, Deep Learning, Server architecture and Genomics.

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Program Fee

12,999 14,999

(Excluding taxes. Applicable to people residing in India)

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