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Nordic is the school of the future. Our partnership with the most progressive minds and talents in the industry means you get coached by the best and the curriculum you are pursuing has been designed by the best.

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Program curriculum

Programming Orientation

Basic of Programming

Basics of Language

Logic Building Techniques

Overview on different programming Paradigms

Layers of programming – Front End, Middle Tier, Back end

Concepts of Testing

Python Full Stack Course

Data types


Control Statements (Branching Statements, Loops, Functions)

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

Classes and Objects





File Handling

Exceptional Handling

Regular Expressions

Database Connectivity

Module (Data and Time, OS, Sys, Trace back)

Introduction to Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook

Python for ML/DL




Scikit Learn



Statistics for Data Science

Descriptive statistics

Probability and types of probabilities

Bayes Theorem

Probability distributions

Inferential statistics: Central Limit Theorem ,Confidence Intervals, Hypothesis Testing

Statistical tests

Design Thinking for Data Scientists

Systems and Design frameworks - thinking principles

Business prospective – to implementing data science solutions

State of the art of data science, problem definition, data strategy, performance metrics, and other strategies

Develop a blueprint of the solution for a problem of choice

Supervised learning

Linear Regression

Multiple Variable Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Naive Bayes Classifiers

k-NN Classification

Support Vector Machines

Unsupervised learning

K-means Clustering

Hierarchical Clustering

Dimension Reduction-PCA

Ensemble Techniques

Decision Trees


Random Forests


Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Introduction to Perceptron & Neural Networks

Activation and Loss functions

Gradient Descent & Batch Normalization

TensorFlow & Keras for Neural Networks

Hyper Parameter Tuning

Solution optimization Techniques

NLP Basics (Natural Language Processing)

Introduction to NLP

Stop Words, Tokenization, Stemming and lemmatization

Bag of Words Model, Word Vectorizer


POS Tagging

Named Entity Recognition


Sequential Models and NLP

Introduction to Sequential data

RNNs and its mechanisms Vanishing & Exploding gradients in RNNs

LSTMs - Long short-term memory

GRUs - Gated recurrent unit

LSTMs Applications

Time series analysis

LSTMs with attention mechanism

Neural Machine Translation

Computer vision

Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolution, filtering, Pooling, Padding & its mechanisms

Forward Propagation & Backpropagation for CNNs

CNN architectures - AlexNet, VGGNet, InceptionNet & ResNet

Transfer Learning

Deploying Machine Learning Model

Introduction to Cloud Computing Technologies

Web Techniques – Rest APIs, Node.js, React.Js

Making Model as a Process and hosting on to the cloud

Model Monitoring and Optimization

Projects on

Machine learning regression Model

Machine Learning Classification Model

Deep Learning Computer Vision

NLP model

Best in Class Mentors

Jeeva Chelladhurai

Mentor, Instructor

Acclaimed technical author, speaker, innovator, CEO of Comorin Consulting Services, Ex Technical Manager at IBM & Senior Consultant at Nokia with over 22 years of industry experience

Henrik Melchander

Mentor, Instructor

Senior system developer, company CTO by designation. Over 15 years of industry experience

Tom Bergström

Mentor, Instructor

Leader, innovator, COO by designation. Over 15 years of industry experience

Gnanavel Mutharasu

Mentor, Instructor

Phd in Computational Biology with Artificial Intelligence applications. 10+ years of experience in Data Science, Deep Learning, Server architecture and Genomics.

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50+ Hiring Partners

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No Cost EMI at ₹8,400/month (Excluding taxes) available. (Applicable to people residing in India)

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