iOS Development

45 hours

Learn iOS app development from scratch. From basics to building apps, Using Xcode 9 and Swift 4. Includes Full ARKit and CoreML Modules.  

iOS / XCODE Interface Builder

  • How to set up a new Xcode project. 
  • How to use the Interface Builder to design and create the appearance of your app. 
  • How to find your way around Xcode. 
  • How to change the attributes of various UI elements. 
  • How to arrange UI elements on screen by their setting their coordinates. 
  • How to size UI elements by changing their dimensions

Introduction to iOS Development

  • Understand and use constants and variables. 
  • Understand and use Swift arrays. 
  • Learn about randomization. 
  • Understand basic gesture controls and motion detection.

Introduction to Swift Programming

  • How to use Swift Playgrounds and become familiar with Swift syntax. 
  • Understand the data type system and how to use Strings, Integers, and Doubles. 
  • Understand how to declare constants and variables using let or var. 
  • How to use Swift functions and understand their input parameters and return types. 
  • How to use IF-ELSE statements to control the flow of execution. 
  • Swift loops.

Reading and using Apple Documentation

  • Finding out how to play sound using AV Foundation and AV Audio Player. 
  • The View Controller life cycle. 
  • How to use tags in Interface Builder. 
  • Error handling using try and catch. 
  • Code refactoring. 
  • Basic debugging for array index out of range errors.

iOS Design Patterns and The Model-View-Controller (MVC)

  • What is a design pattern and how is it used in programming. 
  • How to use the Model-View-Controller or MVC pattern for app development. 
  • Learn about Object Oriented Programming. 
  • How to store data locally. 
  • How to incorporate third party libraries and how to display Heads Up Displays (HUDs). 
  • How to refactor code and stay organised. 
  • Learn about class initialisation. 
  • How to programmatically change UI elements such as Labels and Views. 
  • Start thinking about data encapsulation and how to keep your data safe from corruption.

iOS Auto Layout and Setting Constraints

  • How to add constraints and understand how auto layout works. 
  • How to Pin and Align UI elements. 
  • How to create containers to configure advanced layouts. 
  • How to debug auto layout errors. 
  • Understanding what XCode needs in order to correctly layout a design. 
  • How to use stack views to easily layout your UI.

Intermediate Swift Programming

  • Understand Classes and Objects. 
  • Learn about Properties. 
  • How to create and use Enumerations (Enums). 
  • Learn the difference between Functions and Methods. 
  • Learn about Inheritance and the override keyword. 
  • Learn about Initialization, including Designated and Convenience Initializers. 
  • Understand Optional Types, Forced Unwrapping, Optional Binding and Optional Chaining.

Networking, APIs and Third Party Dependency Managers

  • How to use CocoaPods to manage and use open source code libraries. 
  • How to use the Command Line on Mac with Terminal. 
  • Learn about Networking calls. 
  • Use public web-based APIs to fetch data. 
  • How to parse data organised in JSON format. 
  • Learn about Core Location and utilising the iPhone’s inbuilt GPS. 
  • Learn about navigation between View Controllers using Segues. 
  • Introduction to Delegates and Protocols. 
  • How to pass data between View Controllers. 
  • Learn and use Swift Switch statements.

The Command Line and Terminal

  • How to use basic bash commands in the Unix Terminal. 
  • How to manipulate files and folders without needing a graphical user interface. 
  • How to download and install to your computer using command line.

Cloud Based Backend (Firebase), User Authentication and Tableview

  • How to integrate third party libraries in your app. 
  • How to store data in the cloud using Firebase. 
  • How to query the Firebase database. 
  • How to use Firebase for user authentication. 
  • How to work with a UITableView. 
  • How to use custom cells in a Table View. 
  • How to embed View Controllers in a Navigation Controller and understanding the navigation stack. 
  • How to create Segues for navigation. 
  • How to make custom .xib files to modify native design components. 
  • Using Grand Central Dispatch to queue asynchronous tasks.

Github And Version Control

  • Using git for version control and collaboration 
  • Git forking, branching and cloning 
  • Using GitHub as a remote repository 
  • Checkout and rolling back changes with git 
  • Using git and GitHub with XCode

Persistent Storage Solutions

  • How to use UserDefaults and plists 
  • How to use the Codable Protocol to save to file 
  • How to use Core Data for relational data management 
  • How to use Realm as a modern database solution

In-app Purchases and Storekit API

  • How to integrate the Apple StoreKit API into your app 
  • How to charge once only and subscription payments for apps 
  • How to test using Sandbox accounts

Machine Learning on iOS, Core ML and Create ML

  • Introduction to machine learning 
  • CoreML – Using pre-trained machine learning models for image recognition 
  • Using IBM Watson Bluemix and Carthage for intelligent iOS apps 
  • Advanced CoreML – Converting a model from Caffe to MLModel 
  • CreateML – Creating your own image recognition model 
  • Advanced CreateML – Create a Twitter sentiment analysis machine learning model using natural language processing (NLP) tools from CreateML.

Augmented Reality on iOS And AR Kit

  • Introduction to augmented reality, ARKit and SceneKit 
  • Creating 3D objects and text in AR 
  • Animations in AR 
  • Plane detection 
  • Measuring real world distances in AR 
  • Image recognition and tracking in AR 
  • Rendering 3D models on tracked images 
  • Playing videos in real world tracked images

Publishing to the App Store

  • Familiarising with App Store Connect 
  • How to write the app listing 
  • Apple TestFlight 
  • Submitting your app for review

Mobile App Design

  • Color Theory 
  • Typography 
  • Mobile User Interface (UI) design fundamentals 
  • Mobile User Experience (UX) design fundamentals 
  • iOS vs. Android design differences 
  • How to use Sketch, Marvel to design your app mockup 
  • Design resources

Mobile App Marketing

  • Idea validation and MVP 
  • App monetisation models 
  • Optimising the app store listing 
  • Growth hacking techniques for app downloads 
  • How to get press coverage for your app 
  • How to get your app featured on the app store 
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) how to rank on the app store search engine 
  • How to use paid advertising to get more customers 
  • Improving your app store ratings and reviews 
  • App analytics 
  • Black hat vs. white hat techniques for app marketing 
  • How to build an app showcase website

Duration : 4 months

Weekly study : 6-8 hours

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