Soft Skill & Personality Development

Day 1. Module 1
Ice Breaker & Course Overview | Introduction to Training Workshop

Introduction with Ice Breakers & a few games

Theory at Training Centre

This is for the Trainees to understand what the Training workshop is about interlaced with some games & fun activities

Day 1. Module 2

Listening skills

Theory at Training Centre

Awareness of 4 types of listening skills and improving the same aimed at enhancing communication skills

Day 1. Module 3

Accent Neutralization & Powerful Para Linguistics

Theory at Training Centre

How to sound neutral in speech while learning to speak powerfully and effectively thru effective paralinguistics

Day 1. Module 4

Spoken English

Theory at Training Centre

To learn spoken English that is work concentric and paralinguistic based

Day 2. Module 1

16 personality types and how to sell to the 4 main personality styles

Theory at Training Centre

To read and understand the 4 main personality styles and leverage on how to handle them better in any situation

Day 2. Module 2

Body Language

Theory at Training Centre

To understand your interviewers Body Language on the one side and your own body language that you are portraying

Day 2. Module 3

Effective Presentation & Communication Skills

Theory at Training Centre

How to present yourself powerfully and communicate in an effective manner by doing the same

Day 2. Module 4

Lateral & Creative Thinking

Theory at Training Centre

Lateral Thinking and Creativity based on Edward D Bono – The Father of Creativity

Day 3. Module 1

Meeting Minutes & Corporate Etiquettes 101

Theory at Training Centre

Documentation 101 & Corporate Culture essentials to be a polished personality

Day 3. Module 2

Understanding Foreign Cultures & Global Etiquettes

Theory at Training Centre

To learn about U.S., U.K., Australian & Swedish History, Cultures & Customs and how to represent yourself professionally

Day 3. Module 3

How to crack any Interview – 100 Questions & Answers

Theory at Training Centre

Understanding The Secret to Crack any Interview – and practice of over 100 interview questions with thousands of answers styles and techniques

Day 3. Module 4

Resume Writing

Theory at Training Centre

The 3 types of Resume’s you can write – plus bringing out the best in your Resume that will make a favorable impression

Day 4. Module 1

Team Building & Motivational Training

Theory at Training Centre

Team Dynamics how to behave in a team – whilst being a great team player and yet having leadership qualities – coupled with motivational training

Day 4. Module 2

Stress Management & Time Management

Theory at Training Centre

To learn time management – how to prioritize tasks plus master stress management

Day 4. Module 3

Relaxation, Managing Stress thru Mind Control

Theory at Training Centre

To learn stress management and how to destress thru mind control

Day 4. Module 4

Mock Interviews – Putting it all together – with final test

Theory at Training Centre

This is an Interview Simulation where you will be tested on all learnings and have to pass the mock interview as a final test

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