We have hand picked & drilled developers in Javascript, .Net & Python

Now they are ready for you.


An Indo – Swede Collaboration

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No hiring fees

We have a clear goal: All our developers should be plug and play ready, be able to go straight into a production team and starting producing code. We drill them for three intensive months, train them by experienced instructors at Nordic campus. Our 360 grooming program is aimed at sharpening our students’ interpersonal skills, promoting authority driven approach, timeboxing and teamworking mentality.

This is how we do it


Step 1

Young talents passionate about coding apply to Nordic Academy. 


Step 2

All applicants take a comprehensive screening test. We do this to enroll only those who can cope with our high-intensive training modules.


Step 3

All the selected developers are then given intensive training for 4+ months and their progress paths are closely monitored and shared with partner companies.



Step 6

We charge companies a fixed one time fee against selected developers.


Step 5

Companies can prebook a developer to avoid missing out on a profile.


Step 4

All the selected developers are groomed 360 to improve their interpersonal skills.

These are our focus areas

General principles of development

  • Agile development 100% 100%
  • Scrum 65% 65%
  • TDD 95% 95%
  • DevOps 60% 60%
  • Rest API 45% 45%
  • Work in teams 100% 100%

General development tools

  • Docker 40% 40%
  • NPM 100% 100%
  • YARN 75% 75%
  • Webpack 75% 75%
  • Git 100% 100%
  • Mocha 100% 100%
  • Heroku 40% 40%
  • Linting 100% 100%


  • Python 100% 100%
  • .Net 100% 100%
  • Javascript 100% 100%


Do you have other questions? You can put them here.

Can anyone become a professional developer by taking up this course within a few months?

The answer to this question is NO. In order to find success one needs to have strong logical and analytical thinking, the right background and a high level of self motivation along with this he or she will have to be a team player. That is why we have a thoroughly comprehensive recruitment process with a large number of different tests and exercises. Among all the applications we receive only a few get a chance to get enrolled for this programme.

Can you package developers before completing the training?

Yes! To be sure you get developers, we write a “letter of intent” on the number of developers you want. As they approach graduation day, you get to meet developers for an interview and then decide who or who you want to recruit for your teams.

Who are the coaches?

Your coaches are successful industry professionals who are already working in various reputed organizations. We have both Indian and overseas coaches. Along with subject coaches we also have specialists who work with you at a personal level to improve your soft-skills.

Does the developer require a lot of guidance from the customers ?

Our idea is to minimize the time that hiring managers and members of the development team need to spend on hiring a junior developer and getting them “match-ready”. During our training, our developers are teased in agile methods and working methods so that from the start they can become a productive member of a development team, take a ticket and drive. In combination with the sharpest instructors we have been able to find in Sweden, we have succeeded in creating agile ninjas with very good programming skills!