Nordic Academy

En investering i kunskap

Nordic Academy

En investering i kunskap

An Indo Swede Collaboration

We coach and work with young engineers like you.
Most in-demand courses, live projects, certification from Indpro AB, Sweden, soft skill development and placement assistance at our partner companies are what we bring to the table.

If you are a working professional, we have tailor made courses for you.


Take the assessment test to be eligible for consideration. Learn more

Intensive training based on accelerated learning with


International coaches

Instructors from Sweden, Germany along with experienced Indian professionals.


15+ years in the industry

We bring in expertise and know-how for both the Indian and Global IT industries. 


Placement opportunities

Direct placement opportunities in European companies.

Our Programs

Nordic is the school of the future. Our partnership with the most progressive minds and talents in the industry means you get coached by the best.

Our collab with some of the leading technology companies in Sweden, Germany, Australia, US and India means, if you do good, there’s a good chance of you getting a call from them.
Note: We do not guarantee any placement. You will get a reference based on your performance during the course.


Where Ionic fits, Introduction, data binding, Ionic components, forms and validation, CLI…


Set up, conditional statements, loops, string management, functions, collections…


Thinking in objects, working with objects, operators and decision constructs, arrays, methods & encapsulation…


OOP in php, UML, advanced sql and PDO, php security, process files, process XML, SOAP and REST APIs…

Managing Big Data with Cloud

Orientation to Data, Defining Databases, Optimizing Hive and Impala 

React Native

Javascript ES6, react components, JSX, react architecture, typescript, data fetching…


MVC4 applications, building responsive pages, using javascript, Azure web service, web apis…


Dios/xcode interface builder, swift programming, apple documentation, design patterns and MVC…

Our Process

For fresh graduates & final year students

Enrollment & Evaluation Test

Via assessment test, students can claim scholarship up to 75%. We have both online and offline enrollment options.

Classroom Training

Face to face classroom training sessions are conducted at our campuses.

Agile Methodology & PM Tools

Students are taught the latest project execution tools, methodologies and given hands on coaching on the same.

Live Project & Certification from Indpro

They get to work on live projects as junior engineers, with real teams.

Soft skill development

We work with you to improve your presentation, public speaking, pressure handling temperament and team working mentality.

Final Assessment Test & Placement Assistance

Based on the assessment test result, we refer students to our partner companies for interviews.

Accelerated Learning Courses For Professionals

Accelerated Learning Courses For Professionals

We have custom courses designed just for industry professionals. All our courses are curated and designed by tech leads from some of the leading IT companies of India and Europe who have hands on experience and deep knowledge of the industry trends. 

Nordic Academy scholarship for bright minds

If your assessment score is 80% plus, congratulations! you have successfully made it to the final consideration pool.


Some of our Final Assessment Factors

  • Overall academic record: This is based on your academic transcript, a letter of recommendation by a teacher may be required.
  • Economic condition: Supporting documents will be required.
  • Extracurriculars: We admire knowledge seekers, and books are not the only source of knowledge.


We are trying to cover questions that you might have in your mind. But we cannot cover 100%. In case of any queries that you do not find an answer here, feel free to send us a message or give us a call. One of our coordinators will get back to you and address your queries.

Is it possible to retake the assessment test?

No, we give you all the information required to take the test and you are not allowed to take the test again. Therefore make sure you are at your computer and a quiet environment while taking the test and not while you are on the move.

Why did you start Nordic?

Recent studies and surveys have found that majority of the engineering graduates lack what it takes to get hired by top IT companies. Reports from The Economic Times and The Hindu also echoed the same concern a while back.

Our goal is to improve this situation by filling the gap via our accelerated 360 learning courses

Who are the coaches?

Your coaches are successful industry professionals who are already working in various reputed organizations. We have both Indian and overseas coaches. Along with subject coaches we also have specialists who work with you at a personal level to improve your soft-skills.

What are the chances of getting placement after the course?

Our goal is to give you the best possible coaching. We do have tie ups with various IT companies in India, Sweden, Norway, Germany, US and Australia, and based on the final assessment test we will refer you to these companies. But we are not a placement agency and thus do not promise a post training placement.

Fresh Engineering Graduates

We work with fresh graduates yet to get placement and or final years students from Engineering colleges. We have multiple courses to choose from, but all the courses come with some general workshops to sharpen their personality for placement interviews.

Industry Professionals

We work with industry professionals looking to learn new technologies. Through our tie-ups, we bring in the leading professionals from the corresponding domain to coach you. We have multiple courses to choose from and we will keep adding new courses as we move on.

Ready to get started?

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